Hailed as "one of the best and brightest of the new generation" and "a current master" with “a wonderfully fresh approach to the guitar" and "an ambitious and unique musical vision" - All About Jazz, HiFi Magazine, Just Jazz Guitar

Guitarist and composer Mike Rood released his tour de force debut album of original music, The Desert and the City, to international critical acclaim in 2011. Since 2008, Mike has been performing avidly around the globe, including at The Bern International Jazz Festival in Switzerland, New York's Iridium Jazz Club, Smalls, Bar Next Door, Fat Cat, and Santa Fe's GiG Performance Space. Mike has been defying and defining genres, pushing the envelope in musical expression and technical sophistication, performing with musicians such as John Patitucci, Drew Gress, Sam Minaie, Jerad Lippi, Kenny Grohowski, Nate Wood, Rick Rosato, Ben van Gelder, Rogerio Boccato, Colin Stranahan, Mike Bjella, Chris Tordini, Goh Izawa, Tommy Crane, Alex Spradling, Glenn Zaleski, Arthur Hnatek, Camila Meza, Phil Donkin, Peter Schlamb, and Kyle Wilson. A New York City native, Rood was born into a family of classical musicians, and began piano studies at a young age. While continuing his classical training, Rood taught himself guitar during his early teens. He received a Bachelor's Degree from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City and a Master's Degree in Music from New York University.

“Rood is the future high hope for jazz…refined technique of the highest order and a quintessential beautiful tone… one of the most lively and original albums this year… a musical genius… a master guitarist and composer.”
     - Mihaly Czekus, HiFi Magazine, Hungary 

“The Desert and the City is a measured, beautifully crafted date of quietly insistent tracks… Its consistent vibe, originality, and first-rate musicianship make it well worth the investment in time…It's easy to get lost and just float away on Rood’s playing.”

     - Greg Simmons, All About Jazz       Read the full review HERE

“Sparse settings of relative quietude and lively demonstrations of technical sophistication and motion… The group engages in devilish interplay as they create interlocking parts that move in different and surprising ways… Rood's work is brimming with thoughtfulness, sophistication and musical maturity.”
     - Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz       Read the full review HERE

“Mike Rood presents an ambitious and unique musical vision on his debut album… freely mixing driving rhythms of progressive rock and ambient textures of ECM-style jazz and carefully orchestrated impressionistic harmony.”
     - Just Jazz Guitar Magazine

“Quite simply the best I’ve heard in 2011… all four players are right inside each others’ heads… music that will invade your spirit and not let go… perfect form and perfect execution… most highly recommended.”
- Improvijazzation Nation Magazine

“Rood shines… His soloing combines an admirable harmonic and melodic sense that goes far from the standard cliches and stays there… he shows polish and subtlety that is quite rare… a most promising new guitarist… he could be quite important.”
- Gapplegate Guitar Magazine

“Mike Rood has a wonderfully fresh approach to the guitar… crystal-clear melodic lines and gorgeous atmospheric soundscapes… a compelling and distinctive new voice.”
     - Rochester City Newspaper

“Truly inspired and sincere… rebounding moods and elastic melodies… Rood has the ability to hold the listener’s attention and keep the spotlight on himself throughout the entire duration of the album.”
     - Roberto Paviglianiti, All About Jazz Italy

“One of the best and brightest of the new generation of instrumental jazz-fusion guitarists… Mike Rood is a master at conjuring spacey, hypnotic guitar grooves that take the listener on a stimulating sonic journey.”
     - MusicWeb Express

"An alluring album. Highly recommended."
     - Dave Sumner, All About Jazz

“Brilliant playing…a perfect harmony that sounds like a group without egos…An artist to look out for in the coming years.”
     - This Is Book’s Music

“Rood's guitar playing is exquisite, having the musical range of intimate lyrical phrasings to exciting powerful lines in his improvising.”
     - JazzPage Japan

“A truly impressive fingerstyle guitarist… the group weaves elaborate harmonic tapestries over the vast sonic landscapes composed by Rood… an auspicious premiere… highly recommended.”
     - Minor 7th Magazine

“Every inch the well raised child prodigy, Rood is a current master of sitting down music that demands your attention, and he’s just starting out. This is a cat you want to be able to say you knew all about back in the day ten years from now.”
     - Midwest Record Review

“A richly beautiful and inspiring first outing…Can't wait to hear more from this talented guitarist.”
     - St. Joseph News Press